About Us

Agustin Casañas

Agustín Casañas, an artist based in Barcelona, dedicated to urban art and Low Brow. His focus is on graphic expression and contemporary styles of underground origin, fusing elements of graffiti, tattoo and comic. His creativity unfolds in the streets of Barcelona, transcending the limits of his studio "Contemporary Art Studio" located in Jaume Giralt 51.

Julie Constentin

JÜdesigns is a small business from Luxembourg, based in Barcelona. She is a multidisciplinary Artist working as a graphic & textile designer, creating amongst other things, all-over illustrations that can be applied to different surfaces and accessories. Operating between the worlds of textile, design and art, she also creates contemporary & custom hand tufted rugs, as well as colourful wallpaper designs. She realizes the whole rug-making process from the design to the finished product.